full name
rosalie josephine hearst
rosie, ro, rosa, red
birthdate and age
april 7, 1975; 43
bakery owner
• Rosalie was born the middle child and only daughter of Richard Hearst, the president of a very prestigious and lucrative investment firm, and his wife, Deborah, a charming socalite. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she was raised among the finest families and best social circles in New York City. From the time she could walk and talk until she was a teenager, Rosalie did everything her parents expected of her from excelling in school to forging friendships with the 'right' people.

• Everything changed the day she expressed an interest in attending a school for the culinary arts upon graduating from high school. Less than pleased with the idea, her parents threatened to cut her off financially if she went against their wishes and persued the idea. Realizing that she could never be truly happy living the kind of life they had planned for her, Rosalie took what money she had and without looking back, left home after turning eighteen.

• She bounced around here and there after that, mostly staying with friends, until she eventually ended up in Hammonton, New Jersey. Deciding it was as good as place as any to start her new life, Rosalie found a room for rent as well as a job working as a waitress at one of the local diners. Her previous life hadn't prepared her for any sort of manual labor, but she was stubborn and determined enough to make it work.

• Rosalie had been living and working there for nearly a year when Zach Wise entered her life. All it had taken was a smile and she knew, deep down to her core, that he was the one for her. The fact that he belonged to the city's local motorcycle club didn't bother her at all. Instead, she embraced it. Their relationship progressed quickly and it wasn't long before they were married and expecting their first child.

• Despite her dual roles of mother and wife (not to mention the one of old lady), Rosalie still had her desire to expand her culinary education, specifically in the areas of baking and pastry. Instead of trying to add school to her already demanding life, she turned to cookbooks and cooking shows for guidance. It took time and more than a little trial and error, but eventually, she began to get the hang of it and once that happened, there was no stopping her. She started a small but profitable business for herself baking cakes, cookies, pies, and other pastries for birthdays, parties, and various other gatherings.

nora wise
youngest daughter
zach wise
ex-husband. father of her children
her children, baking, quietness, cinnamon, a good laugh, sex, rain, snow, hot and iced tea, cooking, cooking shows and competitions, classical music, salted caramel, the ocean, the smell of sandalwood
liars, people who cheat, licorice, intense heat, excessive noise, messiness, fallen cakes, failed kitchen endevors, wool (allergic)