Piper Tierney
from porcelain to ivory to steel.


name piper grace tierney

nicknames none

dob & age april 22, 1988; 30

hometown brigantine, nj

current residence atlantic city, nj

occupation trauma nurse

marital status accidentally in love


It was the summer of 1985 when Laura James met Robert Tierney. It was a chance meeting, he was waiting for a friend to be discharged from the hospital she worked at when the two quite literally bumped into each other and scattered her stack of charts all over the floor, but it was quite easily the single most important meeting of their lives. Two years later they were married and while toasts were being given he said he had known she was someone special from the moment he first saw her. They were hardly six months into their first year of marriage when Laura announced that she was pregnant with their first child, the first of three children.

Once the initial shock of the pregnancy wore off, the newlyweds were overjoyed at the prospect of becoming parents. In the late spring of 1988, Robert and Laura welcomed a baby girl, Piper, into their family. He was followed two years later by their first son, Nathan, and then last, but not least, Mia joined the family in 1993. Being neither extremely wealthy nor poor, but rather falling somewhere in between, Laura and Robert were able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Piper and her siblings had the happiest of childhoods, each of them thriving under the loving roof their parents provided them with.

From elementary school to high school, academics were something that always came easily to Piper. Unlike most of her peers, she didn't have to spend hours upon hours studying for exams, quizzes, and the like. Blessed with a kind of photographic memory, she merely needed to look over the material once and she was able to pass with close to flying colors. Once she entered high school, she discovered a passion for running and ended up lettering in track and field all four years in addition to being a member of the school choir.

While her grades were nearly spectacular, Piper remained undecided as to what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Having always admired the people who worked in the world of medicine, yet not sure if she wanted to go all the way and become an actual physician, it was her mother who suggested that she become a nurse like herself. Helping people was something that had always come naturally to her and was something she enjoyed immensely which only made the suggestion that much more appealing to the young graduate. Her 3.8 GPA combined with her extracurricular activities were enough to earn her a scholarship and then it was off to the Columbia School of Nursing in New York. While her courses demanded more of her, overall her test scores and other grades were much like they had been while she was in high school.

Her family's happiness was shattered on an unusually rainy March evening in 2007. Piper had just returned home from class when she got a call from the Louisiana Police Department informing her that her parents had been in an accident and she needed to come there immediately. When she arrived she found her siblings were home with a sitter and the police were waiting for her. Apparently, her parents had been driving home from their weekly date night in the city when another car had been unable to stop and slid through an intersection into the driver’s side of the family's vehicle. Robert, who had been driving, suffered a broken arm, a few cracked ribs, and a mild concussion. Laura, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. Though the doctors had done everything they could to repair both the internal and external damage the accident had caused, Laura passed away five days later having never regained consciousness.

Adjusting to life without Laura was more than difficult and close to impossible, but over time the broken family was able to pick up the pieces and move on as best they could. Some days were easier than others and some were a lot harder, but at least they still had each other and none of them were left to deal with their pain alone.

Piper, knowing that her father was going to need her help emotionally and mentally as well as financially, decided to put her higher education on hold and move back home. The emotional and mental support was the easiest to offer. She took over the daily managing of the house - making sure her brother and sister made it to school and back, cleaned the house, paid the bills, took care of the shopping, prepared meals, etc. - but the financial aspect would prove to be a little harder. With only her high school diploma behind her, it was almost impossible for her to find work in their small town and with most of the stores and restaurants being fully employed and the fact that she was barely nineteen, that ruled out working in the various clubs. What it didn't rule out was the escort service.

The suggestion came from a friend of a friend of hers in New York who had entered into it as a way of paying for her tuition. While the idea of becoming a sex worker was one that had never crossed her mind before, it also wasn't a completely unappealing one. With her face and body, the money would be easy enough to make and more than enough to help provide for her family. She was hired on at a company in neighboring Atlantic City and though it was a little awkward at first and not without the occasional rough patch, Piper managed to settle into her new job and eventually became one of their most popular girls.

What was supposed to be a temporary career move turned out to be a more long term one. Suddenly, she had seven years under her belt instead of the one or two she had initially planned on, but as with most things, she would eventually realize something greater had been at work there. She met Zachery King in December of 2014 after a friend of his 'bought' her for him as a sort of gag Christmas gift. Joke or not, the attraction that sprang between them was very real. Before she even knew what was happening, Piper found herself falling in love. It didn't matter to her that he was a patched member of the Hellhounds MC and much to her surprise and he was willing to accept her job as part of the package, though it wasn't long after they officially became a couple that Piper decided to go back to school and finally become the nurse she'd always wanted to be. It's been four years and they're still going strong.


coffee, children, nature/being outside, dancing, picnics, old tv shows, bbq, animals, laughing, halloween, autumn, lounging in pajamas, junk food, perfume, rain, collecting television series on dvd, bubble baths, star gazing, sleeping in, camping, cinnamon, mexican food.

noisy eaters, sushi, pushy men, slobbery kisses, microwave dinners, nosy people/busybodies, watching sports, gratuitous violence, shallow people, coconut, spiders, extreme heat, heights, sitting in traffic, artificial sweetener, peanut butter.


Zach King

Fiance. Love of her life. The one who caught her completely by surprise.
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