ophelia ingram

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NAMEOphelia Rose Ingram


DOB & AGEOctober 30, 1992; 25

CURRENT RESIDENCEHammonton, New Jersey

OCCUPATIONBarista by day, bartender by night




• Born at the end of October, Ophelia came into the world two months ahead of schedule. She was kept in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for nearly another two months until she was capable of breathing and eating on her own before she was cleared by her doctors and released into the care of her family.

• The complications surrounding her birth were soon forgotten as she continued to thrive. Everything about her early years was nearly perfect. She had her father, Jon, a firefighter and patch member of the Joker's Wild MC and who doted endlessly upon her and her mother, Naomi, a hair stylist at one of their neighborhood salons.

• Life for the small family changed drastically and without warning just days shy of Ophelia's eighth birthday. There was a fire in one of the area's abandoned apartment complex where a few of the homeless had decided to take shelter from the cold. As he was exiting the blaze with the last person that was found, the ceiling above gave way and collapsed, trapping them both inside. Neither he nor the person who's life he was trying to save survived.

• The loss devastated them both and it wasn't long before her mother turned to alcohol and eventually drugs to help cope with it all. More often than not, Ophelia was left to look after herself and over time, the roles of mother and child reversed in many ways. To make matters worse, she began picking up random men at the bars she would frequent. Most were only there for a night, some for a week or two and a couple for a few months and each one always seemed to be worse than the last.

• Over the next ten years, Ophelia did whatever she could to avoid spending too much time at home. Whether it was hanging out with friends or running the streets by herself, anything was better than what was waiting for her there. As soon as she was old enough, she got an after school job at a local coffee shop in order to start saving money and the minute she turned eighteen, she got herself a little apartment and moved out. It wasn't the nicest of places, but at least it was hers.

• Not much has changed in Ophelia's life since then. She is now a bartender in addition to working as a barista in order to afford a better home for herself and Carnie. Much like her father, her loyalty to the Jokers runs deep as is her willingness to do anything that is asked of her by them.


LIKESsocializing (when it suits her), sex, a good drink curled up in front of a fire, crossword puzzles, solitaire, hot baths, apple and cinnamon anything, running, the ocean, swimming, elaborate sand castles, watching storms come in off the sea, thunderstorms

DISLIKESher mother, gossip, pumpkin spice anything, white chocolate, being made to feel weak, assholes, people who won't learn from their mistakes (you know, the ones who do the same stupid shit over and over and are still surprised by the outcome)


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